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What ever happened to my lovely blog?  I used to be so good about keeping it up.  Either here or at <lj user - orbadviser>, I've had a LiveJournal for at least ten years.  Ten years is such a very long time.  I guess what happened was Facebook.  Facebook came along and then instead of posting thoughtful entries about the day's events and my own varied ideas, I settled for briefer updates.  I actuall;y resisted FB for a few years, until two of my friends assured me that we could play Scrabble using FB.  Now, FB is the first thing I check when I get up in the morning.  Even before my e-mail.

I get almost no e-mail nowadays that isn't from some mailing list or company I've signed up for.  I used to get letters here and there -- again, now most of that occurs via chat on Facebook.

I need to quit Facebook.  I did quit it for a week as an experiment and life continued just fine.  But even as recently as three days ago, Facebook allowed me to reconnect with someone I had lost contact with.  I have re-secured one of my most important high school friendships via FB.  I have kept in contact with some students who have gone out into the real world.  So I think about dropping FB, and then I re-decide to keep it.  Just in case I am able to connect with someone else from my past.

But maybe I need to limit the FB.  I certainly don't need to be playing Castleville.  Perhaps a visit in the a.m. and a visit before bed, and anything else I need to express should go to LiveJournal. 

I used to love LJ so much.  I guess part of the drawing away from LJ is that almost no one I know uses the site anymore.  I used to have several friends on here who updated and commented and so on.  Now there's only really one person that I know who will read this and care about anything I have to say.

I have things to say, and LJ gives me a voice.  FB is like a party where your voice is one of many to be heard.  Twitter is worse -- it's a dance club where you communicate in quick statements yelled in someone's ear at the bar.
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