JopoRyk (joporyk) wrote,

Sick and Better

I didn't go to work yesterday: I wasn't feeling well and decided I could go ahead and take the day off. This is not a decision I make lightly because I do not like to give my classes busywork with a sub but I also want them to behave well. I have good classes, though, and I had assignments to give out that were genuine but did not require my immediate interaction with. So I called for a sub and took the day off.

I slept an extra three hours in the morning, then took a nap in the afternoon - I had a quart of orange juice and then chicken soup for lunch - I took it easy - and I felt better at the end of the day.

Today, after school, I took another nap. I wish I could get paid for taking naps: I'm a pro. Afterward, Diana and I went to a restaurant for dinner where we could also play Buzztime Trivia; we were pleasantly surprised to find they were playing live trivia there. In the end, we won second place: $15! Very cool.

I need to get moving on that writing goal of mine before it slips away.
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