JopoRyk (joporyk) wrote,

Another Author's Process

This is the response from Kevin J. Anderson, who wrote (what I am pretty sure was) the first Star Wars trilogy of novels back in 1994. I asked, you may recall, for authors I had contact with via Facebook to descvribe to me their writing process:

My writing is usually done with a digital recorder while I'm out hiking, and the files are transcribed by my typist. I then edit everything online in my office with loud music blasting...but as often as possible I head off to a cabin somewhere so I can work without interruption.

check out my blog, -- I have a lot of entries there describing various aspects of my process, as well as advice.

This is the first person I have heard who desribes using a recorder and a typist -- how cool is that?!?

I went to check out his blog and was excited to see that he had taken time to present eleven entries about advice for new writers, to "help you get more time for writing, and to produce more writing when you do have time." Definitely worth the reading!
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