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I go to Gators Dockside every Wednesday with my wife, and we play live trivia. It's a team event, and we could have others join us, but she and I are the only ones who play reliably. We've won some money here and some money there, but with just two of us playing against teams of 6 and 8 people we don't stand much of a chance.

As a writer, I tend to look at the world differently from other people -- not differently from other writers, however: I am sure they do the exact same thing. The way I look at the world is to see how I can include things in future stories. Maybe something like a slow reveal of clues, especially if during the middle of the game the protagonist realizes he's getting information and the questions before he realized it now take on a much deeper significance. Oh, and of course there are questions he cannot figure out. And he cannot use his cell phone to find answers or he will be asked to leave, but he knows he needs to stay to hear the other clues.

Just thinking...

In case this has not yet become obvious, I am endeavoring to do something creative and pro-getting-published every day.
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