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Advice from Poet's Market

The first article in Poet's Market is quite simply called "Getting Started," and it offers eight pieces of advice to those of us who want to publish our poetry:

1. Be an avid reader - real all the poetry you can, especially contemporary poetry that is being published today.

2. Knw what you like to writer--and what you write best - develop your style, but work in many styles so you have more diversified possibilities for publication

3. Learn the "business" of poetry publishing - read books magazines about writing, and surf the Internet for helpful advice

4. Research the markets - read several issues of any magazines you are considering submitting to; be aware of each market's submission guidelines and adhere to those

5. Start sloiwly - don't expect that New Yorker acceptance letter anytime soon -- look for markets that welcome new writers

6. Be professional - again, submit according to the guidelines

7. Keep track of submissions - always know what you've sent and to whom; develop a system

8. Don't fear rejection -- learn from it - especially valuable are editor's comments about what to look at for revision. If they say to send something else, do so!
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