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I am resolved to be published this year, or at least to make all reasonable efforts to do so. This blog, for the foreseeable future, will be about my pursuit of that goal.

Today, I took advantage of Border's 50% coupon and bought myself the 2011 Poet's Market. I figure if I am going to start anywhere, that's a good place. Last year I set myself a goal that I would write a poem a day, every day of the year. I was not successful in that pursuit, but extremely successful in writing 230 poems. Of those, I believe at least half are of better-than-average quality, which means that I have at least 100 poems quite possibly ready to be submitted. I understand that poetry is something you do out of the love of writing and that I will not become rich based solely on my poetry, but it is a window to the bigger world of publishing.

One of the articles I read in PM suggested establishing an online presence through a blog as well as social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. This is not as a place to publish written works so much as it is a means by which to attract and audience and to give them the opportunity to get to know more about you. I can use the Internet as a networking tool in this way.

So a goal I have for myself here is to be interesting enough for people to want to read what I am writing. I do not know if LiveJournal is the best venue for this; its popularity has diminished somewhat in the years I have kept blogs, and it seems more writers are drawn to Blogger. I have never been able to figure out how to subscribe to friends' blogs via that site, however, whereas here on LiveJournal it's as easy as a click or two.

So, if you decide to follow me here, you may be witness to the next step in my evolution as a writer. You may be privy to details of when and where I am getting published and how that event came to transpire. You may be part of the support system in place to motivate me on to success beyond my dreams.

If nothing else, you can giggle behind my back as I crash and burn.
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