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Science Fiction Convention

What a blast!

I took Friday off school to get ready to go. I still woke up plenty early and went to the doctor with Kim. I weighed myself when I was there, and I found that I lost five pounds. Not a big deal, but it's better for the numbers to go down than to go up. We came back home for a couple hours as I got my life organized real quick (graded papers, made some lesson plans for next week, etc.), then Kim dropped me off at the Crowne Plaza at 1:00. I went and registered and got my T-shirt, changed, grabbed a bunch of Battlestar Galactica keychains from the giveaway table, sat down in the movie room (Spider-Man, which I own), then walked around for a bit to check out the vendors and game room. Everything set up as it usually is.

I attended several writing sessions on Friday and Saturday--these were the titles:
Writing Good Dialogue
World Building
Basics of Short Story Writing
Writing Dark Poetry
Superheroes in Different Fictions
Writing Evil Characters

What I mainly discovered at these sessions is that I knew everything they were talking about. There was nothing new to me. I took pages of notes as I listened (good learner that I am), but I finally decided I should be on the panel instead of listening to the panel. But the only way to be on a panel is to be published, so I guess I'll need to do that. Really, it's time for me to get serious about getting published...even just a poem or short story.

Other stuff that happened...
-=-=- I played Magic the Gathering for a little bit on Friday. On Saturday I played for a few hours, and I taught a new friend (Jaymi) how to play. When I went today, that's all I did. At one point there were five of us. I did okay--won a few and lost a few.
-=-=- I fell down Friday night at about 2:30 a.m. (so it was technically Saturday morning) and hurt my right foot pretty badly. I have enough trouble walking normally; when I am tired it gets worse. C'est la vie. Anyhow, I spent the next two days hobbling around using my son's Boy Scout staff.
-=-=- I bought a few boxes of Magic cards as well as something called Knightmare Chess--I can't wait to play that! You use these cards as you play chess with a regulation board, but the cards change things on the board instantly. Some say to exchange pieces on the board (put your knight where your bishop is and your bishop where your knight is), some say to move a piece is a different way (pawns capture by moving forward), some are more complex. I'll take it with me to school Thursday so I can get someone in my club to play the game with me.
-=-=- During the ice cream social, a local author gave me a copy of her book on teaching writing. She wants me to share it around school so maybe some other people will buy it. We'll see what happens. She self-published her book--the new wave of publishing seems to be to go through iUniverse or one of the other Print on Demand (POD) publishers. I wonder if I will have to resort to that to get a book published.
-=-=- I met author Nancy Collins, whose Midnight Blue is one of the best vampire novels ever. I purchased a copy of E. Rose Sabin's A School for Wizardry and had her autograph it.
-=-=- I went to several filk sessions, but I didn't sing other than to sing along with others. Filk is a lot of fun. I would pay my convention money just to filk and play Magic.
-=-=- I went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Friday night. I went last year and sat in the front; this year I sat in the back and couldn't see the actors as well.
-=-=- I took a couple hours on Saturday to watch Star Trek - Nemesis which I had never seen before. It wasn't very good, sadly.

I had a lot of fun, but I wish I'd had someone to pal around with. Kim doesn't care to go, Kara had a concert to go to, Scott didn't show up, Julie and Dusty didn't end up going, and Felicia had a workshop to go to. I made friends with Jaymi, though, and she is both a teacher and a science fiction/anime fan--maybe I'll pal around with her next year. We'll see...

I now return myself to my regularly scheduled life.
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